Expert Jewelry Repair and Restoration

Leitzel’s Jewelry is proud to offer a state of the art repair facility in Lebanon County.  Whether you need extensive restoration services on a family heirloom or a simple chain repair, we are here to help and guide you through that repair and process.  Our expert associates will help with your repair to ensure that your item can be worn with pride and without worry.  No matter the item, we follow a simple mantra for repairs: “Do it as if you were doing it for your beloved mother”.


Gem and Diamond Setting

With years of experience in setting stones, we ensure that your stones are securely set in any item that leaves the store.  No matter if it’s a small side stone or your gorgeous center stone, we want to ensure everything is set appropriate in your treasured item.  We care as much about the security of your stones and jewelry as you do.






Jewelry Repair

Our jewelry repair services will help to restore your cherished pieces to their original condition. Whether the clasp on your favorite necklace broke, the diamond in your engagement ring fell out, or you have a fine timepiece that needs some attention, our in-house jewelers possess the skill set that you will need. Depending on the repair, we may even be able to repair your jewelry while you wait, so that you can get right back to wearing your favorite pieces immediately.




Ring Cleaning, Repair, and Resizing

Have you recently gotten engaged or become the lucky recipient of an heirloom ring? If so, bring your cherished jewelry into Leitzel's for resizing and repair. We can clean the setting and band, add rhodium plating to your white gold jewelry, and we even have the latest laser technology so we can restore your ring to its most brilliant shine.



When it comes to engraving, we can engrave just about any metal! Whether that be a special message on a ring or a drawing or image engraved into a piece of jewelry. We can add that personalized touch that you're looking for.



We offer in-house stringing of your beaded jewelry.



Repairs are warranted for one year from date of delivery unless otherwise stated. Only the specific repairs that are done are covered. Any problems due to excessive wear, customer negligence, inherent flaws or accidental damage are not covered. Our jewelers have the right to appoint certain repairs as non-warrantable and will inform the customer of this before any work is done. Our jewelers are not accountable for any repairs that are unclaimed 90 days after notification.



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