Colored Stones

Like flowers, colored gemstones come in every hue, tone, and saturation. Both are born of nature and evolve into something exquisite. But unlike flowers whose beauty fades with time, the beauty of colored gemstones is everlasting.


Gathered from all corners of the world, every colored gemstone is a unique creation that brings with it a rich history that blends the mystery of Nature with the skill of man.


This area has been designed to introduce you to the exciting world of colored gemstones and cultured pearls, where you may see old friends - as well as discover some fascinating and beautiful gemstones which you may never have seen.


Our graduate gemologist will be happy to help you hand-select the perfect gemstone for you, based on your preferences, budget, and style. Then you can choose your favorite setting from stock, or our custom team can assist you with designing your perfect piece!


GIA is a great resource for colored stone information.


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